Unique Jewels

The Unique Jewels collection pays tribute to the beauty and splendor of the architectural marvels of a bygone era. The soft and unique curves of the designs beautifully reflect the arches of the monument.


Prepare to be dazzled as you enter our vault featuring a fairytale-like collection of High Jewelry, where rarity meets splendor in every piece. Each enchanting creation is meticulously handcrafted with pristine colorless diamonds that sparkle with unparalleled brilliance. Many of these creations take an enormous amount of time to make, often taking years to perfect. Not only will these fascinating jewels retain their value, but they are extremely likely to appreciate over time. 

Featuring unusual and exceptionally rare colored gemstones, these truly one-of-a-kind pieces are in many cases so exclusive that even seasoned jewelry collectors may not have had the chance to acquire them. However, it’s not just about the high-quality stones, metal and craftmanship. These high jewelry pieces are created with the simple yet elevated objective of turning dreams into reality. The results are wearable pieces of art that inspire, motivate and delight.

Diamond and pink morganite ring


HARAKH Diamond and Aquamarine ring

HARAKH Diamond and padparadscha ring

HARAKH Diamond and tourmaline ring


Pink morganite drop earrings

Ruby diamond earrings

Ruby diamond ring

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