We aim to capture the brilliance and radiance of the journey of the sun. The Sunlight collection is a reflection of the hues of sun emitting its brilliant rays.


HARAKH was founded in 2017 as the high jewelry house of the Mehta family jewelry company, which dates back to 1916 when HARAKH Founder and CEO Mr. Harakh Mehta’s great-grandfather Mr. Manilal Chandulal Mehta began importing diamonds from Belgium to India.

The House of HARAKH owes its more than 100-year-old diamond heritage to a moment of serendipity when Mr. Manilal Chandulal Mehta was on a routine errand in his hometown of Madras in southern India.

An unlikely friendship he forged while helping a British gentleman at the post and telegraph office led him to a career in diamonds. His new friend encouraged him to visit Antwerp and bring back diamonds for the British community.

For the next 100 years his descendants perfected their trade, becoming trusted diamond cutters and skilled jewelers, traversing continents and overcoming many obstacles. This journey eventually culminated in the launch of the brand HARAKH in 2017, exactly 101 years after that fortuitous meeting in Madras.

After earning his college degree in upstate New York and studying gemology in California,  Harakh Mehta felt called by the natural beauty of his homeland and returned to India to continue the family jewelry tradition. He founded a namesake high jewelry brand which is devoted to spreading the deep joyousness that is the definition of the word “HARAKH” in his native language.

HARAKH collections are handcrafted using ancient artisanal techniques and feature only pristine, extremely rare colorless diamonds. Our designs pay homage to India’s natural beauty, architectural wonders and other cultural sights and sounds. Harakh’s great-grandfather would be so pleased to see his great-grandson continuing his legacy more than a century later.

House of HARAKH Timeline


Mr. Manilal Chandulal Mehta, Harakh Mehta’s great-grandfather, becomes one of the first Indians to travel to Antwerp in Belgium to establish a diamond sales business. He supplies loose stones to the royal and noble families of South India.


Mr. Rasiklal Manilal Mehta, Mr. Manilal Mehta’s son, establishes agencies to import diamond industry tools and machinery into India and starts a small workshop and diamond polishing unit in the former French colonial settlement of Pondicherry.


Mr. Samir Mehta, Mr. Rasiklal’s son and Mr. Harakh Mehta’s father, completes his engineering degree and has the family’s keen eye for diamonds. He decides to move to Mumbai (then called Bombay) to expand his family’s diamond operation.


Mrs. Nayna Mehta, Mr. Samir Mehta’s wife and Mr. Harakh Mehta’s mother, lays the foundation for what will become the family’s first foray into jewelry. She starts a small jewelry making workshop in her garage.


A full-scale jewelry manufacturing company is established.


The company becomes the first Indian jewelry manufacturer to be certified according to the Responsible Jewellery Council’s stringent 2013 Code of Practices.


House of HARAKH is founded in New York City by Mr. Harakh Mehta, born of his desire to pay tribute to the abundance and beauty of India. The new company aims to feature only the highest-quality colorless diamonds and gemstones while continuing the family’s craftsmanship traditions.


HARAKH is named the official jeweler for le Bal Debutantes in Paris, and the stunning pieces, many of which were custom-designed for the prestigious event, attract international media attention.


Mr. Harakh Mehta wins the prestigious “Rising Star” award in the fine jewelry category by the Fashion Group International, which presents the honor to him at a high-profile event in New York City.


HARAKH designs a 150-carat three-piece collection exclusively for New York department store icon Bloomingdale’s 150th anniversary, featuring diamonds curated from across six continents.