We aim to capture the brilliance and radiance of the journey of the sun. The Sunlight collection is a reflection of the hues of sun emitting its brilliant rays.


When fourth generation diamantaire Harakh Mehta decided to launch his eponymous brand HARAKH in New York during the spring of 2017, a brand that specialized in creating exceptional jewelry expertly crafted from only the finest materials, he promised himself that HARAKH would also strive for a higher purpose – to give and spread JOY to all those who came in contact with it. After all, the name HARAKH in his native language Gujarati means exactly that: “a sense of JOY so powerful that it moves one to tears.” This philosophy is cemented in a simple logo, the tear of JOY symbol that appears on every HARAKH jewelry piece.

A few years and some accolades later, HARAKH collectors worldwide share their delight and enchantment upon acquiring a piece of jewelry from us. We go beyond the usual standards of high jewelry, with every detail finessed and expertly crafted to the highest standard, featuring only rare and exceptional colorless diamonds and pristine untreated vibrant colorstones, set in 18-karat gold or platinum jewelry.

Inspired by the vast natural and cultural wonders of India, the land where celebration meets spirituality, our creations have been auctioned by leading houses and have earned a reputation for quality craftsmanship, gaining a loyal, global clientele that includes royal families, sports figures, celebrities, and prominent personalities from the entertainment world.



Each piece is accompanied by our signature reflection cards, where we share the inspiration behind our distinctive design through a spiritual lens. Come immerse yourself into our beautiful world of celebrations, full of meaning and significance, and discover the JOY of acquiring a HARAKH piece.