JOYful Jewels

“Harakh” in our native language can be translated as meaning “a feeling of deep JOYousness,” a feeling so strong that it might bring forth tears. In fact, we capture that essence with our signature teardrop of JOY symbol, a nod to such special moments, and we capitalize the entire word when discussing our brand and our pieces.

At HARAKH, our philosophy is simple: We must proactively take time to celebrate each moment of happiness in our lives, both big and small, in accordance to our values. We believe that all celebrations have a deeper meaning, and every event in life is purposeful and not a mere coincidence. We strongly support the concept of rewarding all positive emotions as we believe this only reinforces opportunities for more positive energy to come into our lives.

Our jewelry cherishes the spirit of that emotional celebration.
Beyond the simple moments of happiness that dot our existence, we believe in spreading JOY, bettering the world, and enhancing the ecosystem. Our mission is to ensure that our wearable pieces of art capture these qualities. For us, it is a JOY to create. Our artisans attain JOY by pushing their creative boundaries, and we trust that for our collectors, it is a JOY to acquire, behold and/or gift a piece.
Our Founder and CEO Harakh Mehta, puts it simply: “This has been our guiding principle — to spread JOY.”