We draw our design inspirations from India’s abundance of cultural and spiritual traditions. Our pieces represent the soul and beauty of India – the land where celebration meets spirituality.
Our logo, the open teardrop of JOY, doesn’t close at the acme. This represents the endless upward journey of the soul toward enlightenment.  We reflect spirituality in all our creations as we show JOY and evolvement toward a higher focus.

We believe every jewel has a story to tell, so every piece comes with a Reflection Card that conveys its deeper inspiration to inspire the collector to find personal significance.
We maintain our spiritual integrity ensuring our company operates in an ethical and environmentally sustainable fashion. We believe our creations are a part of something larger so it’s important our work reflects our values of enriching all lives and preserving the harmony of the environment. By looking beyond the aesthetics,  our pieces shine with an extra dimension.