Growing up in India, in a traditional Jain Palanpuri community, values of spirituality and sustainability were engrained in Founder and CEO Harakh Mehta’s DNA, so multiple sustainability best practices have been infused into the crafting of HARAKH jewelry and other products as well as the company’s overall operations.

We are committed to ethical sourcing, environmental sustainability, and employee welfare, and we established company sustainability goals that align closely with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, a set of 17 pillars that cover everything that is required to protect and improve the quality of life for all living things on Earth.

As a brand, we strongly believe that small efforts can have a large impact, and we have taken steps at our atelier and offices to operate as sustainably as possible, including:

  • We are proud to be using certified recycled gold for most of our production, as we transition toward using only 100 percent recycled gold by the end of 2024.
  • We source real and rare conflict-free diamonds from mines that have demonstrated strong sustainability initiatives such as re-building the community, preserving the soil and, where possible, reuse of mining byproducts.
  • We contribute a certain percentage of our income to philanthropic activities in education, medicine, women and child development and animal welfare.
  • Our packaging is recyclable, and we are on track to becoming a plastic-free environment.
  • We are committed to using energy-efficient heating and cooling methods, including solar energy, and we maintain a zero-tolerance policy on producing unnecessary waste. This includes a water recycling program to reduce consumption.
  • We provide our employees with financial incentives to reduce their transportation footprint via cleaner commuting alternatives.
  • Our offices have healthy working conditions for all members, including fair wages, a conducive working environment, and a work culture ethos grounded in social responsibility.
  • We encourage skill development and social entrepreneurship and support local artisans by using their special techniques in our jewelry.