The Harakh Difference


What sets HARAKH’s collections apart? We begin with designs that draw deep inspiration from our spiritual hearts and then travel the world to handpick the rarest, most perfect colorless diamonds. Artisans well-versed in 100-plus years of traditional techniques then craft each piece, one-by-one, following 20th century sustainability sensibilities.

Four Generations of Expertise

HARAKH pieces are crafted using quality standards and artisanal methods passed down since 1916 through four generations of diamond traders, cutters and polishers and jewelry manufacturers. The result is truly unique — not mass produced — and influenced by 100 years’ worth of lessons learned from some of the greatest diamantaires in the world. 


Colorless Diamonds

Fewer than 1-in-100 diamonds are pure enough to meet the HARAKH standard. HARAKH handpicks 100 percent colorless diamonds forged of pure carbon and free of any trace elements that can impact a diamond’s molecular structure. These rare pristine completely colorless diamonds truly stand out like no other, embodying the essence of exclusivity and rarity.

Our CEO and Founder Mr. Harakh Mehta says these colorless diamonds speak to him on a deep spiritual level, explaining: “They are like a flawless soul, untethered by karma particles.”

The journey from rough to polished is a quest for perfection, as it’s impossible to tell whether a diamond is truly colorless until our skilled HARAKH jewelers uncover its unblemished state. Only then will it adorn a HARAKH piece.


High-Fine Jewelry

The HARAKH concept of “high” fine jewelry gives our clients an opportunity to collect fine jewelry that is made with high jewelry standards of quality. Imagine the thrill of acquiring collector-quality pieces that are suitable for everyday wear! The same skilled artisans who handcraft our highest value jewelry collections, those bigger-than-life rare statement pieces most appropriate for special occasions, create high-fine jewelry pieces that incorporate the identical exceptional craftsmanship, impeccable quality, and precious gemstones.

Now HARAKH collectors can achieve the perfect balance between exclusive elegance and daily wearability, knowing that even a petite piece in this category is made with only the highest quality colorless diamonds and  gemstones, using the most superior quality of metals, handcrafted by the ateliers best artisans.